5 Dangerous Mistakes Students Should Avoid After Their First Year

First year is over, the journey continues. Just few days ago, I wrote a detailed article on the Stupid mistakes students make in year one. I started by saying that some of the stupid mistakes are as a result of what they thought was the best thing to do. Yes, you may actually be right, but rightfully wrong.

After making certain stupid mistakes in their first year, college students proceed expressly to make dangerous mistakes in their second year. About 70% of students are guilty of one or more of these mistakes in their second year of study.

The mistakes made in first year can be corrected in the second year. However, when stupid mistakes made in first year are followed immediately by dangerous mistakes, then things begin to fall apart.

In this article, I will talk about the dangerous mistakes students make in their second year and possible solutions. If you do not read this witty article to the end, it proves that you are guilty of the statement “Students no Longer read”.

Dangerous Mistakes Of Second Year Students

1. Repeating the stupid mistakes:

Making mistakes is not bad but, repeating the same mistakes over again is where the problem lies. It is true that university students make stupid mistakes in their 100L. However, so many students repeat such mistakes in their second year. Some of the major mistakes students repeated in college second year are:

Saying yes to distractions
Uncontrolled social life
Skipping classes
Paying more attention to dressing
Know it all attitude
Pleasing everyone

Your past tense can alter your present tense. If care is not taken, your future tense will be affected. Socrates made a powerful statement, “The un-examined life is not worth living”. Analyze your mistakes in year one and begin to learn from them. Understanding your past makes you walk into the future with full confidence.

2. Too Much Familiarity with the system:

Over familiarity with the system makes many university students to cultivate all sort of “I don’t care lifesyle” in their second year of study. They feel that they have arrived. As a matter of fact, they lose the fear of failure they used to have in their year one. They do anything they like. They say things like, “I am now a big boy”.

This familiarity tend to make them relaxed. The end is always disaster. Over-familiarity with the educational system come in different forms:

Over familiarity with the lecturers
Too much familiarity with exam tension and pattern
Over familiarity with reading and
Too much familiarity with advice received from the first year.

3. The effects of Past achievement or failure in first year:

After the release of results in first year, so many reactions are usually generated. These reactions are different for different persons depending on their expectation and results.

One of the major forces that fights your future is your past achievement. It makes you feel relaxed and accomplished. But, you should understand that there are more battles to be fought. Do not claim victory until you finally win.

On the other hand, some persons feel bad as a result of their failure in year one. This is also normal, but it is time to let that feeling go. Forget the past failure and focus on the future success.

Let every academic session be an improvement on the previous. You may say, “I don’t think that I can do better than A”. Remember, the success of others doesn’t mean that you are failing. Having the mindset, “It can always get better. You should know and understand yourself better.

4. Tendency to relax after your first year:

The truth of the matter is that, in your second year of study, there is tendency to relax. The zeal built up in 100L begins to go down. You don’t feel like spending hours on studies as usual. The thought about beautiful girls on campus begin to come in. In fact, you begin to think about how to make money and impress people around.

This feeling is natural. However, it can be very dangerous if not controlled. Below are ways you can overcome the tendency to relax in your year two:

Set a GPA target

Improve on your study time table

Make sure you study every day

Move with people that will inspire you

If alarm doesn’t wake you up, friends will do.

5. Believing every Story about second year:

You normally hear different stories from senior students. These stories usually come in episodes and seasons. Your ability to filter the things you hear makes you a better person.

Below are the most common lies you will come across in your college second year.

200L and above is extremely difficult

You cannot make first class

Students portal is a joke

Your GPA will drop

You need to bribe lecturers to pass

Girls don’t pass with free and fair methods

You cannot score an A in Ela or a particular course.
I really don’t care about what you have heard so far. In fact, your poor performance is not a problem All you need is the mindset of a victor. Believe in yourself and apply the rules Above.

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