3 Key Reasons To Renew Your Passport Now

A passport is possibly one of the most important documents any Nigerian can ever have as it is not only the most valid form of identification or the most recognized claim to citizenship; it is the one document that allows any form of migration beyond the country’s borders.

Aside from the fact that a majority of citizens in the country do not own passports of their own, a majority of the number who do, have their passports expired or set to expire within the year. The thing is that these citizens fail to understand the need for the timely renewal of their passports, and they also are unaware of the fact that the process is straightforward and almost seamless.

If you are amongst the category of people with expired travel documents, Jovago, Africa’s No.1 online hotel booking portal  shares 3 key reason to renew your passport now.



There Is An Actual Time Limit

Unknown to Nigerians, there is an actual time limit for renewal of passports and also, some countries actually have a “Sixth-month rule” which require that visitors renew their passport at least six months to expiry before they enter their country. Passports that have been expired for more than five years can no longer be renewed. They are categorized as “long-expired” and to get a new passport, you will need to use the same procedure as a first-time applicant,  the only difference being that you can submit your expired passport as proof of citizenship instead of a birth certificate.

The Earlier, The Cheaper

This may sound impractical as there are stipulated prices for renewal and first-time issuing, but this applies in the area of processing time. If you want to follow the regular process, you’ll need to give yourself about 6 weeks and about  N15,000 to ensure you have your passport in time for travel; however, if you end up waiting until the last minute (like is the case with most Nigerians),you can collect it as fast as the same day, but be prepared to pay almost double the original cost.  Renewing early basically gives you ample time to plan your trip stress-free.

To Avoid Further Damage

Most times, you passport is old and worn out and basically due for renewal , but the owner does not feel the need to renew it as he is not due to travel or it is not his/her only means of identification.  Renewing a passport when it starts to show wear and tears, ensures you prevent extra damage, that way your passport is considered “mutilated” and no longer valid, and you do not need to do a damaged passport replacement instead of a renewal.

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