247ariya Pidgin!! Police Don Arrest One Man Wey Call Robert Mugabe “Dead Man Walking”

Person wey be Zimbabwe activist, don enter prison, based on sat, im call dia 93-years old president, Robert Mugabe” Dead Man Walking “, na wetin im lawyer talk on Wednesday for di matta wey concern dissent wey dem dey do.

Sten Zvorwadza, wey be leader for Street Vendor Union don enter prison for di insult and bad talks wey im give dia President for im press interview on Media, as im call dia Presido, “Dead man walking, old and day dreaming”


Zvorwadza be person wey people know very well say, im dey against Mugabe as im bin don tell Mugabe for im campaign to step down.

Zimbabwe economy don make plenty people to dey sell for streets, as dem no get work.

Zvorwadza never enter court, but say im go enter according to wetin Zimbabwe lawyer for Human Rights group talk.

Authority don arrest plenty people wey dey criticise Mugabe since him dey office 1980.

In March, di authority arrest two journalists based on di report dem give say, dem Presido get bad health as im dey travel abroad for treatment.

Dem also arrest one Pastor, and detain am based on im prophecy say Mugabe go die on October 17,2017.

Last week, Police arrest one journalists wey report say, Mugabe wife, Grace don give “Second-hand underwear to her supporters”.

Even for im (Mugabe) age wey don dey old, and im health wey don dey get wahala im party, ZANU-PF party, don select am again for dia 2018 general election.

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