21-yr-old Model Battles For Survival After Gas Explosion

Gas Explosion
Gas Explosion


According to Blossom Emechebe, a blogger and media personality who brought the pathetic story of Benjamin to limelight, the lady who was once bubbling with life, is now in a hospital on the throes of death just as Emechebe is reaching out to kind spirited Nigerians to help with financial assistance to get her proper treatment.


Chinenye Benjamin before the gas explosion

The sad incident happened as Benjamin tried to boil water to bathe in preparation for work on Friday, June 17, and she is currently receiving treatment in a hospital, though her condition is critical, and the bill is building up mercilessly.

This is a message sent to Emechebe by the victim’s sister, Chinasa:

“Good afternoon sis Blossom, my name is Chinasa. I wish we would have related under better circumstances, but it’s so unfortunate.

Please I’m requesting a favor of u. I would like to use your platform to seek support for my sister. She was involved in a gas fire accident yesterday morning.

She woke up at about 6am to boil water to bathe for work; she turned on the gas and struck the matches, it didn’t catch, then she did it again, it was then we heard d explosion.

The fire threw her against the door, and then blocked her exit, according to her, she didn’t know the force dat got her too her feet, and so she entered the fire and rushed out of the kitchen to the room, the fire chased her out, the rug where she was standing on got burnt. So that was how it happened.

She is currently receiving treatment in a hospital, but her condition is critical, and the bill is huge.


Chinenye Benjamin after the gas explosion

I could send you pictures of her. She’s a young girl of 21, just started a modelling career, even though she works as well.

We are in need of serious help, in order to save her life. Please, if your platform would help us, it would really gladden our hearts, but if not, we are still good.



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