18 Year Old Man Records Himself Beating A 17 Year Old Girl, Then Gets Arrested After He Posts It On Snapchat



An 18 year old man, Smith Dorcent, tied up a 17-year-old girl, beat her with a belt and recorded himself attacking her with her own phone before uploading the video to Snapchat. Several people including family members and friends close to the teen, saw the video on Snapchat and called police, according to an arrest report.
Dorcent of Boynton Beach, has since been arrested, jailed and is currently facing charges.

The teenager whose Identity wasn’t revealed didn’t report the matter to the police because she said she was afraid of Dorcent.

But after been interrogated by the police, she admitted that the assault started on May 16 after Dorcent got angry that she wouldn’t give him the password to her phone. He forced her to unlock the phone and then used it to record his attack on her. She said after the beating, Dorcent left her tied up for several more minutes before he released her.

As he laughed while beating the teenager, police said, the teenager cried out in pain.

Officers were first made aware of the video last Wednesday, but did not clarify how the video was saved from the application which only saves info for only 24 hours.

Officers tried to interview Dorcent at his job, a Dunkin’ Donuts workplace, but he refused, according to the report. He was arrested last Wednesday.

A friend who was interviewed by police said the teen was “visibly shaken” shortly after the incident.

Dorcent has been charged with false imprisonment and child abuse and is being held at the Palm Beach County Jail in lieu of $50,000 bail.
Source: Sun Sentinel

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