15 Things We Should Learn From Portugal vs France Match (A Must Read)

Portugal vs France
Portugal vs France

1) The striker who rarely scores HAD the CHARM at the very minute it matters most

2) Sometimes it may just take EXTRA TIME to define that BIG MOMENT

3) Sometimes to be champion, you really don’t need to be at your best or at HOME SOIL

4) Sometimes statistics may go against you but you can always beat the ODDS

5) Struggles don’t make you a champion, GOD makes you the CHAMPION (ask MESSI or CR7)

6) Sometimes wen you are been stretched out: u get pitied, mocked at and even doubt your luck or abilities, but then, that moment is when it matters the most

(7) Sometimes when we are UNABLE that’s wen GOD becomes ENABLED

(8) When it matters most: GOD allow your enemies make lots of mistakes just for you to be CROWNED & CELEBRATED

(9) Sometimes your TOP champion(s) or players gets injury and leave you to play at the TOP and win alone

(10) Sometimes you HIT the bars and think your luck is hard, hmm! that’s wen the heavens wants your EYES fixed to the SKIES

(11) Sometimes you try to shoot from close range and miss the chance, never knowing the only chance from a distance, is all you need to score the all important GOAL

(12) Sometimes you may try and try but it all comes down to 60seconds to achieve the BIGGEST goal in your entire career

(13) Sometimes, against all the odds: the world, the team and you celebrates

(14) Sometimes it got to be from TEARS to CHEERS no matter the JEERING home crowd

(15) You must not be in the battle field to be WORLD CHAMPION, it only takes GOD to give you that position without your presence

#‎PORTUGAL‬ are champions of Europe:

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