These 10 Lovely Photos Will Inspire You to Marry an Igbo Lady (Photos)

If you have ever witnessed an Igbo traditional marriage (Igbankwu) thumbs up to you!

If not, you need to watch Flavour’s Ada Ada video just to have an idea of the rich cultural traditions displayed at Igbo traditional marriage ceremonies.

Traditional marriage is a popular event in Igbo land. It is an opportunity for young ladies and men who are getting married to bring their friends and well wishers to their homes, to showcase the families and hometown.

Traditional wedding cannot be done today in Igbo land without traditional marriage being performed between the parents and relations of the bride and suitor.

Igbo brides are adorned with c0ral beads, George wrapper, blouse while the groom wear isiagu.

Yoruba brides are just too adorable! Do you agree with us?

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