Want a Job? Here Are 7 Things You Should NEVER Say During A Job Interview


Interviewing for a new job is hard – no one can deny that, especially in Nairobi.

Not only do you to force yourself into business attire or some other grown-up garb you promised yourself you’d never wear, but you have to be on your best behavior and really sell yourself. It’s torture – especially since you need to sell yourself without saying the wrong things. What are the wrong things, exactly? Unfortunately, there are quite a few of them.


1. Your politics, obviously.

Unless you are applying for a job at ODM , your boss doesn’t need to know what political team play for.
2. Anything bad about your former boss.

Want to end an interview immediately? Talk Sh!t about your former boss and you’re out the door. Your former bosses shouldn’t be up for discussion at all.
3. Your sad job hunt stories.

No one’s life is perfect, and yes, we all have Sh!t going on all the time. That’s just a given. But if you’re having a really hard time, keep it to yourself or reschedule the interview if you think you’ll have a diarrhea of the mouth attack.
4. Your lack of experience.

It’s okay to admit you’re new to the field, but angle that as an asset. Tell your potential boss how he or she is catching you on the way up and why that’s a good thing.
5. Unrelated personal stories.

While I’m sure your weekend in Coasto was amazing and the bonfire was super cool, especially when you ‘raruad’ that Mbuzi, but no one needs to know that.
6. Just saying “I don’t know.”

You may not know the answer to a question you’re being asked, but if you rack your brain, you can come up with something. Anything is better than, “I don’t know.”
7. Talking of career goals completely unrelated to the job.

When you’re asked your long-term ambitions, tell them you see yourself prospering at their company. While your real goal might be to get that novel published, saying that will just be interpreted as you not being serious and you won’t be around very long.
Now you are all set.


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