How To Really Know If You And Your Boyfriend Are Best Friends

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If you’re lucky, your boyfriend is also your best friend in the whole world. Having a significant other who knows you better than anyone else is a great feeling — he understands exactly what makes you laugh, cry, and exponentially happy. Are you and your BF actually BFFs? Here’s 17 ways to know for sure.

  • You make the best team.
  • You can always tell him how you are feeling
  • You can do nothing together and be perfectly happy
  • He has no problem being gross in front of you
  • You miss him as soon as he leaves
  • He’s your favourite drinking partner
  • He always know when you are not being honest
  • He is your ultimate motivator
  • And your biggest cheerleader
  • You both have the same sense of humour
  • He’s always there for you when you need him
  • He is the only one you are willing to watch sports with
  • You will even sit through the video games
  • He is close to your family
  • You can be yourselves around each other
  • When you are having a bad day, he’s the first person you call
  • As long as he is there you will be happy

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