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Why you must check your Social Media Platform Direct Messages (DM)
It happens that 80% of celebrities do not check their DM. A lot of curiosity comes with the reason why they do not.  Perhaps it is because they are too busy to check countless messages, or scared of seeing messages of people begging for alms, and want to avoid a throbbing conscience if they can’t afford to help them? Hmmm….
In the corporate world right now, a recent system is been adopted by C.E.Os and top personnel’s to get feedback from their employees and staffs. It is called the “OPEN DOOR SYSTEM” This is the process where unrestricted access is allowed for employees to reach out directly to the BOSS, in complaint and observations that needs to be discreet. In which such information might be too sensitive to the direct upper level manager to report to as chain of command requires. This practice has been very effective and have saved a lot of organization from crumbling.
As an Artiste, you are the C.E.O and your FANS are your indirect employees who even spend their individual money to buy/listen to your artworks. You should find time to give them listening ears! Direct feedback from them is the most resourceful and effective information you will ever hear. You will need these information to work with so that you can improve yourself. Some might even offer to help you free of charge! Let’s take a cue from the recent story from Small Doctor (Click Here To Read)
Lastly, remember they spend their own money and data to buy/listen to your artworks so it is not a bad idea to give out something in return. To discourage begging, you can send out a message to address that, organize a soft online competition which centers around promoting either of your works or sourcing for a new creative ideas, give the winners and runner ups cash prices while you can employ the extremely creative ones. You have already created a means of employment! And also contributing to the nation building.
Checking your messages is your only direct contact with millions of people who appreciate your works, as your mobile number cannot be made public. Kindly take time out to reach out to them daily. It means a lot to your progress and sustainability in the art industry. This is my heartfelt advise to you all. Thank you for reading and I hope it speaks to you.
Best Regards “Glamorouz 247ariya”
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    Mmmm,this is so very nice,I love this article/advice to Tue celebrities, I hope it gets to them,and they make good use of it. Good job @ 247ariya.com.

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    @247ariya.com,Una do well ooo.

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    Fresh B

    Nice article…. Kudos to 247ariya and the writer


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