Issues Affecting Women In Various Matrimonial Home In Lagos (Nigeria)


As a woman in her matrimonial home there are some issues you have to avoid and observe so as to live long and comfortably.

A woman should have higher understanding to adapt, Identify,interpret,recognise and reconcile issues.

To adapt: Don’t always expect things to go on well all time, when it is sweet you enjoy it and when it is tough you endure it don’t forget it is till death do the two parties part.

Identify: As a woman you should be able to identify your husband best clothes,best food,best football club and favourite bible verses.

Interpret: You should be able to communicate signs with your husband when visitors are around eg two fingers pointed to the left hand side might signify time for sex and pointed to the right hand side might mean time to eat.

Recognise: As a woman you have to take it upon yourself to recognise your husband footsteps, voice and the touch of his arms.

Reconcile: Endeavour to always make peace reign whenever there is issues even when you are not guilty that is a sign of maturity and motherhood.

A woman In her husband house should always make herself clean avoid body odour and mouth odour otherwise you have to be forcing your husband to kiss and he ends up saying I am not in the mood rather than saying your mouth smells.

If you are the nagging and always complaining wife you will never get attention from your hubby rather been a mentor and his pastor.

A woman who gossip so much will one day expose her family to the world then you start seeing people seeking help from husband because you have made them known is a giver and a helper. After helping the outsiders who then will help your family.

Domestic violence
When a woman can’t reproduce five years after marriage she get insulted and humiliated by the husband parent and relatives thereby she is left with fear and discomfort.

A woman in her matrimonial home is no longer safe when she losses her husband at the early stage of marriage and no grown up child to deputise, her husband relatives will come after his wealth and she will be left to struggle expect she marries from a good family.

Eagerness to take in
When a woman is desperately looking for child she goes extra length to the extent of forgetting her God. The process of wandering about your luck might have been exchanged without you knowing. Don’t let anyone deceive you, you are the God to yourself so ask you shall receive.

A responsible man always boast of his wife in the midst of friends so therefore always make sure you don’t disappoint and disgrace him because one day his friends might want to test you because of the way he always praises you. I pray you don’t fail.

Don’t make yourself a full housewife. If there is no work there are several businesses . don’t make yourself a liability by always asking for money to buy common tissue in the house. Be a helpmate not a spendmate.

Don’t always be on the side of always helping your relatives your husband relatives are also important just like yours. So balance it up.

Sweeping and moping the room, arranging of bedsheets, washing of plates and cooking has become a very big task for some woman In their matrimonial home.

Some of these issues pointed out are affecting some women in their matrimonial home in Lagos(Nigeria).
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Written by Ndunwere Samuel Izuchukwu(kindly like my Facebook page “My Quotes”).

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