I Am Richer Than Dangote – Oluwo Of Iwo

Oluwo Of Iwo

Oluwo of Iwo who made headlines few months ago after he dumped the Oba title for the Emir title, has disclosed that he is richer than Africa’s richest man, Aliko Dangote.

Disclosing this through an Instagram post, the Oluwo of Iwo stated that no one is richer than the king and all his subjects are his assets. In his post titled ‘My Asset’, the Monarch wrote;


Unlike the Yoruba adage “Erin ki fon, ki omo re tun fon”. (Asipa owe ni) As required of a responsible, passionate and compassionate father for his subjects, i pray that, they(subjects) should be greater than me. The strength of my asset is measured by the greatness of my children. kings are fathers to all, of which their greatness is my glory.
I want to tell you that no one is richer than the king. You are all part of my assets. If the richest one is my child. Whose asset is he carrying? Even, Dangote is my asset, I am richer than him.
It is a generational curse for me to claim I am wiser than my children in the 21st century. I am wiser than my father and my children will be wiser than me. Solomon never saw airplane, I saw it. My children may grow to use flying vehicles. And all things of today will be outdated one day. That is life. I pray all my subjects should be wiser and successful than me.


The Oluwo of Iwo had before now, been accused of concealing from the state government some facts about his past. It may be recalled that  the Oluwo of Iwo-Oke, Oba Kadiri Adeoye accused  Oba Akanbi of faking his name to obtain travel documents to the United States where he was jailed in New York City and was deported to Nigeria in 2000.

The affidavit also stated that Oba Akanbi later traveled out with his real name to Canada in 2001 and became a Canadian citizen, but was also arrested in Toronto and was in jail between 2006 and 2007.

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