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2 Jul 2017

Top 4 Bl0w Job Mistakes Women Make That Guys Hate

The bl0w job is totally another story from kissing,
2 Jul 2017

7 Things Men Need To Stop Doing While Eating Her Out

The way men love receiving 0ral s3x, women also
2 Jul 2017

8 Things You Should Stop Doing Once You Have A Girlfriend

Once you decide to ask a girl out then
2 Jul 2017

2 Ways To Make Your Man Always Excited To Have S3x With You

“Finding a great man is tough and keeping a
14 Jun 2017

GUYS! See 6 Reasons Why Women Hate Condoms During S3X

Often times, men have always been the ones accused
4 May 2017

How To Really Know If You And Your Boyfriend Are Best Friends

    If you’re lucky, your boyfriend is also
1 May 2017

Here Are 7 Surprising Ways You Could Get Pregnant

You may think you know all about effective protection,
29 Apr 2017

7 Common Problems Every Marriage Faces—And How To Fix Them

2 Apr 2017

Reasons To Be Having s*x Like….Everyday

There’s no denying that s*x is often on the
29 Mar 2017

Ladies: Here Are 6 Types Of Men You Should Avoid Dating Once You Are 30

Having a chequered dating history is a part of
29 Mar 2017

Here Are Some 8 Biggest Reasons Why Men Cheat

It’s no secret that men are far more likely
22 Mar 2017

8 Things African MEN Want From Their WOMEN (Only Few Women Have)

Generally, everyone knows men are visual creatures. This will
12 Mar 2017

5 Signs You Are Dating A Great Guy Who You Should Never Let Go

Women all around the world agree that being in
12 Mar 2017

Signs You Are Dating A Boy Not A Man

  He Allows You To Pay All The Time: Generally,
3 Mar 2017

4 Reasons Why Long Distance Relationships Can Work

1. Long distance relationships do not take your freedom
24 Feb 2017

10 Simple, But Great Ways To Actually Get Your Ex Back

The pain that comes with heartbreak is something we
31 Jan 2017

Ladies, Here are 5 Places to Meet a Rich Husband In Lagos

Looking for the right place to meet a handsome
26 Jan 2017

Please Help! My Wife Wants To Kill Me With Sẹ́x

My name is Jude. I have been married to
26 Jan 2017

4 Signs Your Wife Is Silently Upset With You And How To Fix It

You have a unique and special relationship with your
13 Jan 2017

HOT TIPS: 10 Surprising S3x Tips on How to Be the Best Lover Ever

If you follow through with these interesting and surprising
13 Jan 2017

6 Best Places to Have S3x in Public and Perfect Positions For Each Location

If you have always wanted to have have passionate
10 Jan 2017

Dear People In A Relationship: Stop Saying You Miss Single Life

“If I were still single…” my friend says as
10 Jan 2017

Romantic Names To Call Your Partner

Calling the significant other with a cute nickname is
10 Jan 2017

9 Signs You’re Giving Your Everything To A Boy Who Deserves Nothing

1. You’re always the one sparking conversations. If you
9 Jan 2017

6 Positions for Couples With a Height Difference

If you are dating a short girl or guy,
8 Jan 2017

8 Signs That Tell Whether He Is Your Future Husband Or Just A Waste Of Time

You are dating this guy from quite some time,
7 Jan 2017

4 Ways Women Control Men (Without Men Even Knowing It)

Women are excellent at getting Sh!t done. And one
6 Jan 2017

Sex with Objects? it is called ‘Objectophilia’

‘Objectophilia’ is a bizzarre sexual obsession. Its a situation
5 Jan 2017

“Reasons Why Some Women Never Want To Marry”

Many modern women are not in a hurry to
28 Dec 2016

11 Qualities Truly Happy Relationships Have In Common

Chemistry and physical attraction may have brought you and
28 Dec 2016

8 Important Reasons To Let Go Of People Who No Longer Play An Important Part In Your Life

There comes a point in every person’s life when
24 Dec 2016

10 Reasons to Never Give Up on Love

Take it from a single woman; love is hard.
22 Dec 2016

How to Make Your Man Happy in 20 Little Ways

A happy relationship is a great thing to share.
19 Dec 2016

Doggy Style Causes Cancer And Stroke….See Damning Revelation

South Africa’s Minister of Health, Aaron Motsoaledi, has made
18 Dec 2016

7 Things Men Hide From Women

If you’re interested in the secret lives of men,
12 Dec 2016

5 Reasons Not to Date Your Friend’s Ex

1. You could ruin a friendship As strong as
6 Dec 2016

5 Things Husbands Do That Make a Wife Crazy Jealous

Your partner may not know exactly what you need
6 Dec 2016

Here Are 7 Things Your Husband Needs

Stop the nagging and complains,here are 7 seemingly minor
6 Dec 2016

9 Ways To Tell Your Partner Isn’t Actually In Love With You

So here are 10 signs bae just isn’t actually
5 Dec 2016

No Wonder We Love It So Much! 11 Surprising Facts About Orgasm

Some of us don't know much about org@.$m but
5 Dec 2016

See The 5 Signs That Shows You Are A Selfless Lover, Especially Number 2

If you ever worry that you are no longer
5 Dec 2016

Woman Attacks Lady Allegedly Trying to Snatch Her Husband on Instagram (Photos)

According to Oluwaseun, Omasirichi is a close friend of
26 Nov 2016

10 Sayings You Should Never Believe About Marriage

Here are 10 things people often say about marriage
22 Nov 2016

Guys, See How She Wants You to Use Your 10 Fingers During Hot Sex

1. It’s More Than Sticking Your Finger In And
22 Nov 2016

Guys, See 5 Sex Positions Your Girl Friend Secretly Hate But Afraid to Say It

Here are some of the s*x positions most women