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5 Feb 2019

5 Disturbing Alcohol Effects On The Human Body

A great number don’t know what amount of alcohol
23 Jan 2019

Want To Live Long? Check Out What You Must Do To Live Up To Age 90

If you have always searched for ways to live
10 Jan 2019

Research Says Moderate Drinking Makes You Smarter

It’s time to start having a drink or two
10 Jan 2019

Drinking Alcohol Helps You Speak Foreign Languages Better, According To Study

Is it even a night out if one of
6 Jan 2019

Beware! Energy Drinks Cause Health Issues (See Shocking Details)

What are the side effects of energy drinks and
4 Jan 2019

Importance Of Coconut For The Body

Importance of coconut for the body has been proven
3 Nov 2018

If You Wear Push Up Bras, Read This Important Health Warning From A Medical Expert

A medical expert, Ms Maymuna Abubakar, has advised women
1 Aug 2018

Health Benefits Of Drinking Bitter Leaf Water?

Here we have another health-related topic. This time we
6 Jun 2018

Revealed: The Everyday Mistakes That Are Making Your Breasts Sag

As we get older, gravity and thinning skin, as
29 May 2018

Happy Democracy Day: Lessons Learnt From Nigeria’s Democracy

  The democratic experience in Nigeria has definitely been
26 May 2018

4 Shaving Techniques Every Man Should Know

Follow these tips for perfect facial hair and grooming
13 May 2018

5 Reasons Men Die Too Young – And What You Can Do About It

The good news is that every one of these
5 May 2018

Important Information About Nigerian Police 2018 Recruitment Exercise

Have you heard that Nigeria Police recruitment 2018 begins?
29 Apr 2018

Wow! How to Borrow Money From MTN Directly To Your Bank Account and Pay Later

MTN Nigeria has added another value added services to
29 Apr 2018

She Deserve A Pad (A Must Read)

#PADAGILDCHILDCAMPAIGN2018 Girls of secondary school ages in my country
9 Apr 2018

How Mango, Banana, Plantain Cause Terminal Illnesses

Artificial ripening of fruits with calcium carbide has continued
8 Apr 2018

Not Wearing Bra Is Good For The B00bs And Prevents Sagging

Not Wearing Bra Is Good For The B00bs And
1 Feb 2018

Be Careful: There Is A New Method Of ATM Robbery In Town Now – Secret Service Issues Warning

A new warning has been issued by security operatives
16 Oct 2017

Here’s One Reason Why You Should Eat A Banana Everyday

  If you don’t eat enough potassium, you might
12 Oct 2017

Ladies, See How To Style Your Saggy B00bs (See Photos)

A social media user took to the platform to
12 Oct 2017

4 Things A Service Business Should Get Right

4 Things a Service Business Should Get Right Any
12 Oct 2017

4 Tips To Effectively Build A Business Brand

4 Tips To Effectively Build a Business Brand The
4 Sep 2017

Lassa Fever Case Breaks In Edo State

A suspected Lassa fever patient was discovered by the
30 Aug 2017

4 Reasons Why You Should Stop Smoking Marijuana (Weed)

It is not uncommon for people to smoke these
28 Aug 2017

Current Value Of The Naira At The Financial Market

The apex bank of Nigeria has begin to falter
17 Aug 2017

Research Claim Moderate Alcohol Intake May Increase Life Span

While many researches have warned of its adverse health
17 Aug 2017

Popular Herbs And Their Health Benefits

In today’s article, we will be sharing with you
11 Aug 2017

Strange illness Strikes Kwara, Kills Over 70 In Fulani Community

Members of Oro-Ago community in Ifelodun area of Kwara
10 Aug 2017

Naira Sustains Gain As Dollar Crashes At Parallel Market

The naira on Wednesday appreciated against the dollar at
7 Aug 2017

Here Are 9 Reasons Why The ATM Swallows An ATM Card (Must Read)

A handful of us have been victims of our
21 Jul 2017

4 Things Igbo People Like (Must Read)

4 Things Igbo People Like Igbo Kwenu! The Igbo
21 Jul 2017

5 Unusual Things About Lagos (Must Read)

5 Unusual Things About Lagos   Lagos is a
17 Jul 2017

JAMB Speaks On Universities’ cut-off Marks, Admission Criteria

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) says it
2 Jul 2017

Be Careful: Kidnappers Are Now Getting Their Victims Through Facebook and Whatsapp…See Details

Kidnappers have adopted new ways through which they get
19 Jun 2017

Job Alert! MTN Nigeria 2017 Massive Recruitment (Apply Now)

2017 MTN NIGERIA CAREERS Note: Multiple applications are not
18 Jun 2017

Must Read: Apple Warns iPhone 5 Users Are In Serious Trouble

There is serious trouble for iPhone 5 or iPhone
13 Jun 2017

Health! Side Effects & Benefits Of Bitter Kola

Bitter Kola might be small in size but its
18 Mar 2017

Federal Ministry of Health Certifies Fanta, Sprite Safe for Consumption

The Federal Ministry of Health yesterday clarified the position
4 Mar 2017

5 Ways To Ease A Toothache

Typically, toothaches have two main causes: when cavity damages
23 Feb 2017

Top 6 Lifestyle Changes to Make If You Want to Live Up to 100 Years (Must Read)

There is a possibility that you can live up
31 Jan 2017

13 Benefits Of Eating Ginger During Pregnancy

You may be sipping a hot cup of ginger
25 Jan 2017

ALERT! There is Another New S3xually transmitted Disease Worse Than HIV (Condoms Won’t Protect You)

HIV might still be the most feared se_xually transmitted
17 Jan 2017

Unable to Withdraw Your Money From MMM Account? (See This)

MMM Nigeria returned on Friday morning, 24 hours ahead
17 Jan 2017

MMM: 5 Funny Ideologies MMM Members Use to Brainwash Themselves and New Members

Another concerned Nigerian has written an interesting piece about
17 Jan 2017

Real Top Facts About MMM (You Should Know About It Now)

MMM is an abbreviation, which has become a symbol