8 Things You Should Stop Doing Once You Have A Girlfriend

Once you decide to ask a girl out then it’s time to seat up and discard the bachelor life. Some things that could have been cool as a bachelor need to stop (or be on hold) while you’re dating. Things like sleeping with random babes (obviously), probably being a flirt (DUHH) etc. Here are some other key things that will also need to stop.


1. NEVER GO OUT WITH HER FRIENDS: First of all, those are her girlfriends, and unless they are in serious trouble, don’t hang out with them—and especially don’t go out with them. You never know which of her friends are jealous of your relationship, and are just waiting for an opportunity to notice your weak spot when you’re drunk. The evil one will wait for you to say something you shouldn’t. She is likely on the hunt for Freudian slips. The day after, she will call your girlfriend and say, “It was all fun and games until…”


2.NOT EVERY TIME BRO’S BEFORE HOES: NO! Maybe when you were 12 and a virgin. If you are over 20 and you truly believe this sentence, examine your life. Do you seem to always wind up drunk and alone? If you still believe this line, you may just be that loser who gets married, then yells at his wife for daring to ask to spend more time with him. Your teenage life should be behind you.


3. YOU CANT WATCH EVERY FOOTBALL GAME: If you are living together and you are obsessed with sports, you will have to buy another TV for your bedroom, or start sleeping in separate rooms, because she will want to keep up with Kardashians or find out what is going to happen at the end of the newest chick flick. Spoiler alert: avoid this tip, and the main characters won’t die, but your relationship will.


4. NEVER MAKE FUN OF HER IN FRONT OF OTHER PEOPLE: If you have confidence issues and you think making fun of your girlfriend is going to make you a stand-up comedian, you deserve to be single. Even if the joke is funny and your girlfriend is laughing, next time try to present your inner clown in a more private setting.


5. STOP PORN: When you frequently go online to masturbate, you’re not only wasting your libido on your hand—you’re also raising the bar for your girlfriend’s performances. It is bad enough that she has to compete with all of your exes—don’t make her compete with porn, too. Sex is a way for you two to connect, not a way for you to fulfill your unrealistic, porn-fed expectations. If you’re getting some from a woman, give your hand a break.


6.DON’T BE A DRUNK: you are meeting her parents and her dad wants to have a drink with you. You don’t want to give off the impression of being a lightweight. That doesn’t mean you should drink the whole bottle and puke all over the bathroom in her parent’s house. Alcohol might be a magic poison that kills all of your insecurities, but it can also kill your relationship.


7. YOU CAN’T JUST DISAPPEAR WITHOUT GIVING HER NOTICE: You may just wish there was at least one day in which you didn’t have to explain anything to anyone. Maybe the misanthropy has hit you, or you’re tired of people *including your girlfriend, unfortunately* and you just need some time and space to be alone. You can’t do that in a relationship. Instead, communicate your need for some space, and keep your relationship healthy and happy.

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